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What Makes ProKnee the Best Knee Pads for Flooring?

What Makes ProKnee the Best Knee Pads for Flooring?

Posted by Caitlin Davis on 3rd Jan 2024

What are ProKnee knee pads?

ProKnee is an american based company that was founded by Lee Richards in 1987. Lee started his career in flooring, then quickly came to realise the toll it was taking on his knees. This is when ProKnee was born. A full coverage knee pad to keep floor fitters in the game.

Why should you wear knee pads for flooring?

Without knee pads, floor fitters can develop something called Osteoarthritis of the knee. This is where the cartilage around the knee joint gets destroyed, and it puts a lot of people out of the industry. This is why knee pads are becoming more accessible nowadays.

What sets ProKnee apart from any other knee pad brand?

ProKnee offers custom made, custom fit knee pads in up to 20 sizes, making them the most comfortable fitting knee pads on the market. Replacement parts for each element of the kneepad are available to buy from distributors to ensure your knee pads have the longest life possible. 


What is the difference between the AP16 and the 0714 ProKnee knee pads?

At Floormart, we offer two versions of ProKnee knee pads. The AP16, which is a one size fits all knee pad. The shock absorption technology allows for a safe and durable feel with cushions to help absorb shock out of day-to-day kneeling. The best feature is that all parts are replaceable. Moulded in frame components make replacing parts simple and fast. We offer a variety of individual parts and part kits to suit all your needs so you can upgrade what you want, when you want.

The 0714 and 0714E wide is ProKnee’s custom fit knee pad range. Measuring your knee in three simple steps.

  • Remove your shoes.
  • While standing, measure from the floor to the top of your kneecap.
  • Measure around the widest part of your calf muscle with your work trousers on.

Following these three steps will ensure that you get the best knee pad fit. A custom fit allows for even weight distribution. Taking pressure off the knee joint and spreading it throughout your lower leg and allowing for accurate kneeling techniques. Straps should be located well below the knee joint to help eliminate any uncomfortable pinching and circulation issues.

What's in it for you?

Many other knee pad brands offer a one size fits all product and do not offer replacement parts either. Considering the average floor fitter is in the trade for over 30 years, ProKnee knee pads will last you your whole career, providing you replace the parts when necessary. This means you will get the most out of your one time purchase knee pads.

How do I try or buy ProKnee knee pads?

You can try a ProKnee sample at our trade counter in Leicester, where we can also advise on sizing and fit. From here you can visit our website, to order your brand new pair of professional knee pads for all your flooring endeavours.

Contact us.

If Proknee knee pads are something you want to discuss in more detail or you just would like some advice, contact the team at and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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