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What Are Grinding Discs and What Are They Used For?

What Are Grinding Discs and What Are They Used For?

2nd Jun 2023

What Are Grinding Discs Used For?

Grinding Discs can be used across multiple applications and with various machines but can typically be found being used in sanding machines for the purpose of refining and sanding flooring. There is an abundance of different sanding machines available on the market today, all designed to perform different jobs, but the most commonly found type is the wood floor sanding machine – designed to refine the floor, making it ready for varnishing and polishing.

Despite being the most popular, there are a wealth of different sanding machines and grinding discs available that are specifically designed to perform different tasks. Concrete Grinders are designed to be used on, unsurprisingly, concrete and other materials such as natural stone and are used to remove old surfaces allowing for the preparation of a new base for secondary renovation.

Although…it’s not the machines that are the stars of the show here – it’s the attachable Grinding Discs. Similarly to the grinding machines, there are various different grinding discs used in different applications. Here are just some examples:

  • Screed and Concrete – Designed to create a smooth and flat surface during the floor preparation phase, preparing the floor for the installation of the chosen floor covering.
  • Paint and Adhesive – some grinding discs can be used for the removal of various substances during the floor preparation phase, such as paint and adhesive, to ensure a clean and smooth surface for the installation phase. 

What Grinding Disc Do I Need?

With all this choice available, making the decision on what grinding disc you actually need can be quite overwhelming. As each grinding disc, is designed to perform a specific function in very specific situations, some can find themselves having to buy multiple discs for multiple different tasks. Not only is this hard on the wallet, it’s also hard on moral. Trust us…having to replace the disc each time you want to do something different, is painful.

That age old adage of “Less is More” is definitely true here…

Why wouldn’t someone just create a single disc that tackles all sanding jobs in one? Well…that is exactly what iTools did with their IDISC Ø400 Disc Plates. An elegant solution, this “One Disc Plate for all Jobs” allows you to upgrade your single disc sanding machine to be able to sand all surfaces in the most cost-effective way possible.

By making use of interchangeable segments depending on the sanding task, rather than having to buy a whole new sanding disc not only saves you money…it saves you time. And with so many different segments to choose from, it’s a real no brainer

Unlike more traditional sanding methods – like, tungsten carbide, carborundum, and sandpaper, where the sanding effect can quickly deteriorate over time; the iTools TRISEG Segments are made using diamond. The diamond segments result in an incredibly quality sanding effect, but also can retain the same grit and sharpness for an extremely long time; much longer than more traditional sanding methods.

iTools TRISEG Segments

The wide range of segments, have been designed to:

  • Cover a much larger area than generic segments
  • Remove as much dust from the sanding action as possible
  • Minimise scratches

As stated above, each segment of the IDISC Ø400 Disc Plate is specifically designed to perform a specific sanding task – so it is important that you know what each segment does and what segments you will need yourself.

You can shop the IDISC Ø400 Disc Plates and the iTools TRISEG Segments at Floormart now!

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