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How do you clean safety flooring?

How do you clean safety flooring?

Posted by Steven Turvey on 13th Nov 2018

Safety flooring is an amazing floor covering for a lot environments and offers great non slip protection. It's hard wearing and is used in many settings such as hospitals, schools, leisure centres and gyms and much more. One of the biggest challenges with safety flooring is cleaning and maintenance. Safety flooring is usually installed in places that gets heavy foot traffic and therefore gets dirty quickly.  If not maintained correctly the overall look of the flooring becomes dull and grimy. This is a common problem you often see in public buildings.  Usually due to lack of understanding that safety flooring needs to be cared for in a different way to most vinyl flooring.

Incorrect cleaning leads to build up of ingrained dirt and debris which over time degrades the flooring, the finish and overall look. But all is not lost, all you need to do is clean it using the correct cleaning chemicals.

So, what do you need?

If you are cleaning a small space you will be able to use a doodlebug with scrubbing pads. Scrubbing pads are essential.  Use of normal mops and kentucky mops are fine for day to day cleaning but when the dirt is bad from longer term incorrect cleaning you need more power, so scrubbing pads will be your new best friend here.

What is a doodle bug?

A doodle bug is a cleaning pad holder, they also go by the name of edging tools. These are the heads that hold the pads. You can view and buy these here "Click me" our doodle bug comes as a kit with the head and 3 pads included.  You can also buy the parts separately.  You get 3 pads, White Scrub pad - light duty, Blue Scrub pad - medium duty, Black Scrub pad - heavy duty.  Just add you own handle, attach the pad according to the level of grime you need to clear. 

What else do I need?

So you have the hardware but what else do you need?  You need the correct cleaner for safety flooring as regular cleaners just simply don't cut it. Safety floor cleaners are specially formulated to tackle heavy traffic dirt and grime,  and cut through it unlike standard cleaners.  This means less work for you, and that must be good.

So, what do we recommend?

We supply these chemicals country wide to educational facilities, the NHS and many other companies.

We suggest using these products 

Altroclean 44 1Litre

Altroclean 44 5Litre

British nova safety floor cleaner 5 Litre

doodle bug kit 

Why not read our quick guide on wet room flooring click here

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