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Cleaning Guide for Resilient floors

Cleaning Guide for Resilient floors

25th Feb 2023

How to clean safety floor?

What is the best vinyl floor cleaner in the UK? When cleaning vinyl flooring or when cleaning wet room vinyl, you will need a commercial floor cleaner to ensure a deep clean and an effective disinfection of the vinyl flooring.

The Cleenol Nova safety floor cleaner comes recommended by many manufacturers including market leaders like Polyflor Jaymart and Tarkett. It is ideal It is ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, surgeries, kitchens, canteens, hotels, schools, washrooms, lavatories and offices where a high level of hygiene is necessary.

Other brands like Altro for example manufacture and recommend their own Alto floor cleaners which will be similar to other brands, but it is always important to follow the manufacturers procedures for cleaning and maintenance of their floors.

When using commercial floor cleaners, you will find instructions on the product description and the packaging. Other brands may differ however you will need the correct hardware. In most cases a mop and bucket will be sufficient, however for more heavy-duty areas like kitchen floors or bathroom floors it is a good idea to try scrubbing pads for any hard to remove stains.

Once you have cleaned your Vinyl flooring it is important to consider maintenance. The Cleenol Buffable maintainer is A premium quality floor maintainer containing a complex range of waxes to clean, protect and polish in one operation. Leaves a long lasting antistatic finish which dissipates static charge.

This process can also be also followed when cleaning Rubber flooring. We recommend the Altro clean 48W for Rubber floors, however always check this with the manufacturer before using.

How to clean LVT flooring? (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

When cleaning LVT flooring there is a three-step process. Strip the existing dressing using a stripper, Clean the LVT using an LVT cleaning product, then use a dressing to maintain the and protect the LVT.

Many manufactures of LVT like Karndean and Amtico have products available for each step. It is always recommended to use the cleaners recommended by the manufacturer of your LVT however they will all be very similar.

The Amtico floor cleaner set includes a Stripper, Maintainer and dressing

The Amtico Floor care stripper is used periodically to remove existing dressing and provide a clean floor ready for the application of Amtico dressing

The Amtico Maintainer is Amtico’s Specially formulated concentrated cleaner, with a fresh, citrus aroma. For routine cleaning by mopping.

Amtico Dressings are Amtico’s specially formulated dressing with a matt or Satin finish that will help provide added protection against scuffing and scratching.

Karndean has a very similar process with their own products which can be used an a variety of products. See the full details here.

How to clean Linoleum Flooring?

When cleaning Lino, using a specified Lino floor cleaner is essential. If used incorrectly cleaning chemicals may cause damage and discolouration to the floor. Abrasive cleansers and powders should not be used.

Instructions may differ with different cleaners but typically a mop or in a commercial space, a cleaning machine and pads will be the required tools needed.

It is always more beneficial to implement regular cleaning for linoleum flooring as opposed to an occasional deep clean. 

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