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Adhesive free safety flooring and how to use it

Adhesive free safety flooring and how to use it

Posted by Floormart on 26th Jul 2019

Have you considered adhesive free flooring? Adhesive free flooring can be laid directly over many subfloors without fully adhering the floor to the subfloor. This makes it an ideal choice where you want a temporary floor, 

  • Over old, soundly fixed asbestos tiles or vinyl sheet. 
  • Over existing resin or paint systems that are sound. 
  • On new screeds or slabs where the moisture level is less than 97% RH.
  • Over internally heated subfloors providing they are dry, i.e. 75% RH or less.

The subfloor should be smooth and flat, and any bumps or pits should be filled in with a moisture tolerant smoothing compound.

How is loose lay vinyl adhered?

Loose lay vinyl is adhered to the floor using loose lay vinyl tape. The area should be dry and dust free, and in some cases may need priming first.

Loose lay vinyl is a cost-effective fast way to lay a vinyl flooring that is removable and can be installed fast.

We have a a few ranges available. Take look at the choice in colours below.

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