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Forbo Marmoleum Marbled Real Plum 3272

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2 Metres
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled Real Plum 3272

Forbo Marmoleum Real


Forbo Marmoleum Marbled Ranges are Real, Fresco and Vivace. The range contains a vast amount of colours that combine strong and subtle colours marbled together. In fact they can contain anywhere from three to eight colours marbled into one design giving varied intensity in colours and contrast. Emulating real marble. Hardwearing and easy to clean so will provide years of trouble free service and its allergy UK approved.


What is Marmoleum?

Forbo Marmoleum sheet flooring is available in many ranges and shades and is one of the most versatile floor coverings there is, not only does it look stunning but it is natural and Eco friendly and Allergy UK tested and approved. Most popular ranges such as, Marmoleum Real, Marmoleum Fresco, Marmoleum Vivace, Marmoleum striato, Marmoleum Graphic and Piano. And plain sold colours from Walton and Concrete.

100% Linoleum from front to back it is extremely hardwearing, perfect for leisure industry meeting rooms and offices, lounges and other areas where you may have considered carpet.

Allergy UK Approved Flooring

“Flotex and Marmoleum, both from Forbo Flooring Systems, have been awarded the prestigious “Seal of Approval” from Allergy UK as with the correct cleaning regime, they will not harbour allergens or house dust mites”

Made using 97% natural raw materials such as linseed oil, rosin and limestone, Marmoleum has been awarded 12 independent Ecolabels - more than any other floor covering in the world.

Available in over 160 colours and in sheet and tile format, Marmoleum offers a wealth of opportunity to create stunning individual floors.

Thanks to its main natural raw material - linseed oil - Marmoleum is naturally bacteriostatic. Making this an excellent choice for your home, knowing you are in safe hands. Marmoleum is smooth flooring so cleaning is a doddle and we even sell the purpose made cleaners and polishes to keep it looking fabulous.

Maintenance and care, Simple and efficient, all our Marmoleum products have a Topshield finish which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Dust wiping is a quick and easy way to keep your floor dust-free.


Forbo Marmoleum Real

Format 2 metre wide roll

Thickness 2.5mm


How to order

Choose the width and length from the drop down menus



Order samples here!


What else do i need?

You will need a suitable adhesive to adhere this flooring to a suitable smooth subfloor. We recommend using Forbo Eurocol 414 Lino Adhesive 7.5 Kgor Ball Styccobond F54


How much is delivery?

Delivery is calculated in the basket or during checkout. Our delivery system is based on weight and the final price will depend on how much you order. We will only charge you what we get charged. We do not profit on delivery. On some smaller items delivery might be included for your convenience. When you visit your shopping basket there is a section called Estimate Shipping & Tax this will calculate what you will be charged. If for any reason you are unsure please feel free to call us for prices or to order over the phone.


What is our returns policy?

Returns on cut flooring and special orders is not possible as they are cut to your requirements. We would strongly recommend that you order a sample in the sample ordering box above before you commit to an order. Some unused items are returnable. We would also recommend that you contact us first if you are unsure.


Need to contact Us?

You can call us on 0116 204 2515 or email us at we are always glad to help.


How to clean marmoleum Flooring


Monel method

Regular use of Forbo Monel creates a good protection through a film, which inhibits the adhesion of dirt and is removed during the next maintenance action. In this way the original appearance of the floor is retained.


Daily cleaning

Remove dust and loose dirt regularly with a dust wiper

Remove stains with Monel and a slightly damp mop

Periodical cleaning

Remove loose dust and dirt with a dust wiper

Clean the floor using Monel and a mop (0.25 L Monel / 10 L water)

Allow floor to dry

Occasional maintenance

Although domestically probably not relevant, intensive use can lead to excess wear of your floor.

The original look can be restored as follows:

Scrub the floor using Monel and a scrub brush (0.25 L Monel / 10 L water)

Remove dirty water with wiper and mop or water vac

Now mop with clean water and allow to dry
Apply Monel film with the mop (0.25 L Monel / 5 L water).
Allow floor to dry Packaging
Bottle of Forbo Monel 1 L
Bottle of Forbo Monel 2.5 L


Cleaner and Polish

Our cleaner and polish products are ideal for those who prefer a satin sheen. The cleaner is a neutral PH detergent which can be regularly used to clean the floor, while the polish is applied to achieve a satin sheen. Should older floors start to look dirty, they can be renovated and a new coat of polish applied.
Apply a 5% solution of Forbo Cleaner (0.25l cleaner to 5l water)
Allow to soak for 10 minutes
Scrub with a scrubbing brush or nylon pad
Rinse with clean water and mop
Allow floor to dry
Apply Forbo Polish with applicator (0.25l polish to 0.25l cold water)
Allow floor to dry

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