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Bostik Screedmaster Flex 25Kg

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Bostik Screedmaster Flex 25Kg

Bostik Screedmaster Flex


Product Overview


Bostik Screedmaster Flex is a flexible levelling compound reinforced with glass fibre. It can be applied between 3-30 mm thickness in a single application (5 mm maximum total thickness on mastic asphalt screeds). It is suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating installations provided a maximum surface temperature of 27°C is not exceeded. The heating must be switched off at least 48 hours before and after application.


  • Fibre-reinforced

  • Self-levelling

  • Rapid setting

  • Suitable for underfloor heating

  • Suitable under parquet/wood floors > 3 mm




Cement powder/Fibre


Consumption / Coverage


Approx. 5.2m² per 3mm layer


Working Time / Flow Life


Approx. 20 minutes after mixing at 18ºC


Set For Walking


After approx. 4hrs at 18ºC, 3mm thick


Dry For Floor Covering


After approx. 24 hrs at 18ºC, 3mm thick


Compressive Strength


28 days =  >30 N/mm²




25kg paper bag



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